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I'm just gonna be sad in here

ennui music sadposting

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No, I’m just sad most of the time.

Like usually cruising at not much sad during the day but toward the end of the day it starts to get rly sad.


I mean idk if you mean musically or the lyrics.

I can see it with the lyrics because on one hand, getting over someone else is probably a positive step, but at the same time a line of “I would take you back, but the feeling’s dead” isn’t cheery, no matter what really. Can achieving closure at the expense of losing what you felt be a good thing?

Someday I’ll know what being in love and being discarded is like.

Jazz today

Goal: try not to be as sad


My throat feels kinda sore today. Hope I don’t come down with something. :(

Paid my mom’s cremation bill today

Should finally be making steps toward new jerb

Hi yams

This topik is dead but don’t let that stop you

It’s mostly synonymous with being Dauros

I’ve had a lot of headaches the last two years.

Like constant migraines.

It’s sucked a lot.

depression af today

Edited by Dauros the Deity at 2020-07-14 14:57:202020-07-14 14:57

Started a new antidepressant. Not because the old one wasn’t working, but apparently because there’s a nationwide shortage? Been feeling hella jittery :/

the dnd one?

are you jpk lol

we’re in a discord now but idk who you are if you’re not jpk !

its a weird hybrid of a few irl friends, the aim dnd group i was in, and the irc dnd group i was in

was hoping the dnd group would grow

that’s now the plan

From: poppy at 2020-10-16 17:48:17

From: Dauros the Deity at 2020-09-05 16:12:12
was hoping the dnd group would grow


no i just mean i was hoping that that was actually jpk lol

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